the thermalizer for Sous-Vide of large quantities and numbers of pieces

“Malin” is the high-end product for industrial kitchens, caterers, meat processing companies, the food industry and specifically made to process considerable large pieces or suitable large food quantities individually packed.

Product characteristic

  • Electrical heating
  • Manually driven water tap and drain
  • Including floor grid
  • Digital time control
  • PID Controller to provide a much better accurate temperature in comparison to conventional kettles
  • The temperature can be set by steps of 0.1 degrees on the control board
  • Temperature setting range: + 25 °C to + 85 °C
  • Equipped with special safety fittings
  • Water refilling indication mark
  • High heating power by means of heating panels at the bottom of the complete tank surface. It is thus possible to obtain a uniform temperature distribution in the whole tank
  • Rapid heating time by a high power density of the panel heating,
    about 1 degree per minute
  • Dry-running protection as standard: heating is switched off automatically as soon as the water level becomes too low
  • Programmable acoustic timer adjustable up to 99 hours/resolution 1 minute
  • Ideal energy efficiency through excellent thermal insulation of the tank the stainless steel lid. Very low heat loss of a maximum of 0.5 degrees per hour with the lid closed.
  • Two operating modes:
    • a. Indicating only the temperature
    • b. Indicating temperature and time with an acoustic signal
  • Option to switch over from °C to °F
  • The setting of programmable lead time. The machine starts automatically at the selected time
  • Each machine is factory calibrated (2 point calibration) in order to be able to guarantee temperature accuracy
  • Intuitive operation of the illuminated display using large push-buttons and clear symbols
  • Recirculation of the water in the tank with a stainless steel industrial pump.


  • Electrically heated
  • Manual water supply and drain
  • Hot and cold water supply required
  • Power connection with a plug of 63 amps required
  • Bottom grid included
  • Special tensions upon request
  • 400-liters version: cooking products of up to 120 kg
  • 600-liters version: cooking products of up to 180 kg
  • Other sizes: 200, 800 and 1,200 liters are available upon request