New versions and more standard tray sizes available.

With the “RapidPac“ made by Komet, the first compact easy-to-operate and high performing table top tray sealer which is suitable for any counter is on the market. This way, you can pack your products directly in front
of the eyes of your customers.

Due to the packing in trays with gas flushing/MAP, the single slices will no longer stick together and can easily
be served in a delicious way when you open the tray. For piece-goods such as meat, sausages or cheese, the exterior shape of the products is no longer deformed, so that the product also looks delicious at any time
and can be presented in an attractive way in the sales area of your shop.

The new tabletop tray sealer RapidPac constitutes an affordable entrance to self-service packaging.
No compressed air and no 3 Phase power supply is required. Due to the gas flushing/MAP, a considerably
longer durability of the products is being achieved.

RapidPac with a fixed frame
The well-known machine with a fixed frame. Available for 2 standard tray sizes (137 x 187 mm or 178 x 227 mm).

RapidPac E with a changeable frame system; only available for tray size 178 x 227 mm.
Because of the changeable frame, it would be possible to use divided trays (e. g. menu trays) with 178 x 227 mm.



Technical detail:
Top film for tray 137 x 187 (mm): 190
Top film for tray 178 x 227 (mm): 230
Maximum tray depth (mm): 65
Outer dimensions (w x l x h/mm): 330 x 560 x 550
Maximum diameter of the top film (mm): 300
Power connection (v/ph/Hz): 230/1/50
Power (kW): 0.7
Weight (kg): 34


Standard Equipment KOMET Vakuum packaging machines

  • Semi-automatic packing using preformed trays with sealable
    top film and gas flushing/MAP
  • Stainless steel casing
  • User-friendly and easy to use machine
  • Easy, manual insertion of the trays in the sealing frame
  • One tray per cycle
  • Sealing plate is temperature-controlled and Teflon-coated


  • Cart W1/W2

Standard tray sizes (mm):
137 x 187 mm, 178 x 227 mm