SD 520 B + ST 170


Standard equipment: stainless steel construction. Each chamber has one stainless steel sealing bar in front. Sealing with air pressure support. High efficiency vacuum pump, 151 cbm/h. Cut-off sealing separately adjustable. User-friendly waterproof control board. Vacuum controlled by sensor. Automatic lid movement. Conveyors with height adjustment. Soft ventilation. Vacuum stop button.
Following options are possible: gas flushing, lid height 300 mm, vacuum pumps 205 cbm/h or 305 cbm/h.


Technical detail S 520 B:
Chamber size (w x l x h/mm): 800 x 730 x 250 (300)
Control board: Perfect
Usable chamber height (mm): 180 (230)
Sealing length (mm): 2 x 660
Sealing seam sealing/cutting
Distance x (mm): 730
Position of sealing bar
– Standard: front
– Option:
Vacuum pump (cbm/h): 151 (205 / 305)
Power connection (v/ph/Hz): 400/3+N+PE/50Hz
Power (kW): 6.7 (9.15 / 11.4)
Compressed air (l/min): 50 at 6 bar
Maximum bag (mm): 650 x 800
Outer dimensions (w x l x h/mm): 1625 x 1270 x 1550
Weight (kg): 620 (720 / 730)


Air pressure connection necessary.


  • Gas flushing for soft products
  • Bi-active sealing
  • Chamber height 300 mm
Technical detail ST 170:
Working area (w x l/mm): 820 x 450
Dipping depth (mm): 100/150/200
Water volume (l): 140
Maximum Product Weight (kg): 50
Power connection (v/ph/Hz): 400/3+N+PE/50Hz
Power (kW): 37 (with steam 1)
Fuse protection (Amp.): 63
Compressed air (l/min): 25 at 6 bar
Outer dimensions (w x l x h/mm): 950 x 890 x 1500
Heater power (kW): 36
Weight (kg): 265


Air pressure connection necessary.
Use a water softener to reduce water hardness.

ST 170: stainless steel construction. The automatic transport of the product in and out of the shrink tunnel
is controlled by a photocell.

  • The water temperature is adjusted with a thermostat.
  • Automatic water level regulation
  • Steam exhaust release through the lid.
  • Dipping time and dipping depth of water, also time for water to drip from product is adjustable.
  • Slight on left side
  • Pneumatic dipping cylinder
  • Automatic filling of water
  • User-friendly construction, easy cleaning.
  • Use of machine without dipping process is possible.
  • Manual dipping is possible.
  • Heating power 36 kW
  • Dipping platform 820 x 450 mm