TS 100



The TS 100 is a professional semi-automatic freestanding tray sealer machine with vacuum and gas flushing (MAP) – also suitable for gas flushing with oxygen (optional). It ensures an optimal shelf life for the packed products with minimal gas usage. Offer your customers a fresh packing service and watch your sales grow.


Technical detail:
Vacuum pump (cbm/h): 40 (60 / 63 / 106)
Top film width (mm): 422
Maximum tray depth (mm): 95 (150)
Maximum tray sizes (mm): 300 x 380
Outer dimensions (w x l x h/mm): 670 x 980 x 1500
Working hight (mm): 970
Compressed air consumption (l/cycle): 6 at 6 bar
Maximum diameter of top film (mm): 220
Power connection (v/ph/Hz): 400/3Ph+N+PE/50Hz
Power (kW): 3.0 (3.4 / 3.5 / 4.2)
Weight (kg): 235 (235 / 237 / 264)


Air pressure connection necessary.

Standard Equipment

  • Made in Germany
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Powerful vacuum pump: 40 cbm/h
  • Vacuumstop button
  • Electronic control board
  • Inlet plates for height adjustment
  • Plexiglas lid important when packing soups and sauces
  • Semi-automatic packing with prefabricated trays with a sealable top film
    without vacuum or under vacuum with gas
  • User-friendly, problem-free conversion to other additional tools
  • Automatic film winding
  • Easy, manual insertion of the trays in the sealing frame
  • Easy change of sealing and cutting tool
  • Simple replacement of the top film
  • Vacuum pump built into a mobile casing and protected against spraying water
  • Automatic contour cut around each tray
  • Manual insertion of the trays under the sealing tool, after which the trays are
    automatically vacuumed, gas-flushed, sealed and cut
  • Compressed air sealing with high seal strength
  • Filling plates for the vacuum chamber, achieving faster vacuuming and less gas usage.
  • Sealing plate is temperature-controlled and Teflon-coated
  • Safety protective covers on all moving parts



  • Vacuum pump: 40, 60, 63 or 106 cbm/h
  • Compressed air generator with pressure compensation tank
  • Special voltages on request
  • Gasflushing with oxygen
  • Maximum depth of tray: 150 mm
  • Other tray sizes possible
  • Right and left stainless steel shelves
  • Gas bottle holder
  • Film feed accurate to the millimetre, thereby reducing film usage
  • Photo cell for printed film with print marks
  • Switch to change between two gas bottles
  • Pressure reducer for N2/CO2 or O2

Standard tray sizes:
137 x 187 mm, 178 x 227 mm, 325 x 265 mm